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Scarf update.

Good news! Ten's new scarf has been completed! :D I've worked about ten hours on this damn thing, so I'm relatively proud of it. I've not made one of these things since junior high (that's over ten years ago, for those of you who are counting). This "scarf" is about four times longer than a normal friendship bracelet (which is the style it's made from). The floss is even from my junior high days. Vintage stuff, man.

Anyway, Ten's going to be stuck in his leathers until I can afford a pinstriped suited version, so I thought something to spruce him up was necessary. A scarf seemed logical, and was something I could make. And, so, uh, here it is! :D (If you hate it, I may cry.)

Ten: I am in no way standing on a plastic pitcher in the kitchen.

Um, that's all folks. Love!

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