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The Adventures of Nine and Ten (the first story)

I'm creating the first two stories of The Adventures of Nine and Ten here, so that newcomers can easily find them. :) The links will link to the original posts though. :)

Welcome to this week's* edition of The Adventures of Nine and Ten! Today I got my Nine and Ten Doctor Who action figures and decided to take photos. I went to print out a photo of the TARDIS to have a little extra background scenery since my orange carpet is not that fabulous. I stumbled across [this page] which has print outable instructions on how to build your own paper TARDIS. So, I did.

Anyway, the following is the first (and perhaps only) adventures of Nine and Ten. Bear in mind, there may be Doctor Who spoilers, but really not. If you know who Ten is, we should be cool.

( The Adventures of Nine and Ten, part one )

(* usage of "this week" does not imply there were weeks before or after this installment that included segments of The Adventures of Nine and Ten)
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