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Happy Halloween.

Just a little treat.

I got a little carried away taking photos. :) It was hard to cut them down to just these, hahaha.

Nine, Ten, Jack, Baby Moondancer, a gaudy orange scarf and Catrog!

All: Happy Halloween!

Nine and Ten are in the festive spirit!

Nine: Yeehee!
Ten: Wahaha!

Pair o' cheery Time Lords!

Nine: This doesn't make much sense. Have we ever celebrated Halloween before?
Ten: Shut up and keep waving!

Ten takes a little kip with Catrog.

Ten: Aah, this is the life. *hacks up scarfball*
Catrog: Zzzzz.

Nine gets in on the Catrog action!

Nine: OH YEAH!!!

Jack poses with a fucking My Little Pony.

Baby Moondancer: Shouldn't that read "Baby Moondancer poses with a POSER?"
Jack: I've got my own TV show now. I don't have to put up with this.

Nine loves his boys.

Nine: This is the best Christmas ever.
Ten: Dude, stfu.

Ten poses very robotically with the horse too.

Baby Moondancer: I hate you all.

Nine poses with Jack!

Jack: Dude, I think that little pumpkin is following us around.
Nine: How can you say things like that when I have my hand in your you-know-where?

Jack tests his strength.

Jack: This is in no way a model.

Baby Moondancer poses with the omnious spider-pumpkin.

Baby Moondancer: It's a cute prop. It does its job. It's about the only frakkin thing that does on this show.

Three men and a little pony.

Jack: That's just a lame pun.
Baby Moondancer: Shut up. I still like this picture.

Just then, Ten notices something in the distance...

Ten: ... dude.

What is it, lurking just outside the bounds of the Orange Carpet of Rassilon Scenery?!

Mysterious Cat: ...

It's none other than my camera shy, wonky and slightly less mellow cat! Who may also be a Catrog. Maybe a Sherog. Shyrog.

Shyrog: I am curious, but shy.

Shyrog investigates the scene quickly, before scurrying off, never to be seen again.

Shyrog: *sniffs*
Ten: No one move. Maybe she'll go away.

Aaaand, that's it!

Not really an Adventure, but I thought a little something might be fun. :)

Hope you enjoyed! Have a happy, and safe, Halloween! :D
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