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Welcoming post!

Hello folks! I've got no new content to actually update with, but I thought I ought to post something to commemorate the opening of the new Adventures of Nine and Ten community! Thanks so much to everyone who voted in [the poll]. (I had no idea my cat was so popular!) Anyway, I've been hard at work thinking up new ideas for this story, and I'm excited about them. I hope that I can keep the funny up consistently.

Currently I'm in the process of "knitting" a scarf for Ten. I do have intentions of eventually acquiring a "normal clothes" Ten, but I do think that leather!Ten will be around for awhile yet. :) I like his scarf. It's far from finished, but here's a little sneak peek. I figured it'd be nice to post something new here anyway, for those of you who have already seen both of the current Adventures.

Ten: Does this scarf make me look fat?

Anyway. :) That's all for now. Thanks for joining, or at least peeking in. Please feel free to leave me comments, and have discussions in the comments with other fans! :D If this takes off, I'll have buttons and icons and things, but for now, if you wish to link to this community, please just do so with the 9_10_adventures tag. Thanks again! :D
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