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The Adventures of Nine and Ten!

(and sometimes their friend Rose)

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Welcome to The Adventures of Nine and Ten! I'm Van, and this is just a little fan . . . comic sort of thing . . . that I do. It's largely based on the new Doctor Who series, but involves lots and lots of other shows/books/fandoms and such.

The main characters are the Ninth and Tenth Doctors from Doctor Who. The premise is, they travel through time and space together. For no apparent reason. Sometimes they are joined on their adventures with companions, sometimes they aren't. But they're always getting into wacky, strange adventures, and mucking up time. :)

This comic is rated R / Mature for Adult Language, Adult Situations, Pixelated Violence, and the fact that Nine and Ten get it on. A lot.

Please be aware: chances are, this comic may end up raping some of the memories of your childhood. This allows for funny, witty and silly stories, but I just wanted to mention it, incase it induces trauma. This is your one and only warning.

The Adventures can be found in the memories here.

The FAQ/Resource List for this comic can be found here.

This is a closed community, meaning you can watch it but not post. I'm the only one with posting access. Bwahahahahaa. If you don't join the community, you might miss out on "sneak peeks" or other small updates I make that are friendslocked, but nothing vital. The Adventures will always be unlocked. :)

If you have suggestions for future episodes of The Adventures of Nine and Ten, please comment on any post and let me know. Also, if you've got old spare action figures lying around that you'd like to donate to the comic, please feel free! They might even end up in the comic! I'm always looking for action figures, and at some point, I might even make a list for ones I'm specifically looking for. :)

We're Affliated With:
whenthedocsmeet -- a very funny fancomic about all 10 of the Doctors
timeslipping -- a community for Doctor/Doctor slash
(if you'd like to affliate, please drop a line)

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