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The Adventures of Nine and Ten: Adventure #4 (part two)

Just a note to say--this Adventure is so picture intensive that I've broken it into two parts. This is Part Two. Part One can be found here.

Thanks for putting up with the delay and the fact that this one broke into two parts. If I hadn't done that, it'd've been 14.5mb of pictures on one page. Yikes! Anyway, enjoy! And if you have suggestions for icons for me to make from this serial, or any others, or if you want to make some yourself, let me know! :D

All previous Adventures can be found in [the community memories].

This comic, as all the comics, is rated R / Mature for language, violence and the fact that Nine and Ten (and in this story, some others) get it on.

Continued from Part One.

After being reunited with their friend Jack, our heroes are led back to the parking lot of the pub, to witness the horrible monster that's been ravaging the countryside.

Nine: Something strange is afoot at the Circle K.
Freddie: I'm so tired of waiting here, surpressed by all my childish fears.
Baby Moondancer: I think I have to kill you now.

Semi-close up of awesome.

King Kong: Me like candy!

Velma: We must throw him into the firey depths of Mount Doom.
Daphne: Oh, I think he's kind of cute.
Baby Moondancer: When I become overlord, you two will be the first to die.
Freddie: What do you think? Can you help us defeat King Kong?
Nine: Well, since it is Ten's turn to die . . .

But Scooby Doo and Shaggy have different ideas.

Shaggy: Like, good luck man! We're outta here!
Scooby Doo: Rah, routta here!

And Ten and Jack are not paying attention at all.

Jack: So when you say you're the "same man" what you really mean is . . .
Ten: Bigger. Also, much more foxy. And talented with my tongue.

Jack: This I've gotta see to believe.
Ten: Haven't you noticed the size of my scarf? Doesn't that tell you anything?
Jack: A picture is worth a thousand words.

Freddie is, for the meanwhile, oblivious.

Freddie: You know, we're taking the car to get there, right Shaggy? So getting in now is actually helping us get there sooner.

Daphne: Shh, don't tell them. Let's just go!
Velma: Yeah! I have a death wish!

Just then, Nine notices Ten and Jack.

Nine: Oh my word!
Baby Moondancer: Bung a rock at it!

Nine: There's a huge ape out there eating tourists, and what are you two doing?!

Jack: Relax, Doc. King Kong isn't going anywhere. Ten was just . . . explaining some . . . stuff.
Nine: I really just want you to pay more attention to me than to him.

Jack: You do realize you're making yourself jealous, don't you?
Nine: Through hardships untold and dangers unnumbered I have fought my way here, to get it back on with you.
Jack: It was a freak accident that you found me again. Don't pretend it was anything else.

Jack: Besides, I'm happy here. With Freddie. We just need to kill the ape.

Nine: ... you mean you're not going to come back with me?
Jack: You've replaced me, Doc. You don't need me anymore and you know what? It's all right.
Velma: Come on boys, let's get a move on!

Freddie: Jack's discovered that having a boyfriend who won't leave him to die alone on a distant, futuristic Space Station is better than time traveling with a balding alien.
Nine: Balding!!??!

Freddie: Sorry. But you've got a boyfriend already. Leave me to have mine.

Nine: He is not my boyfriend! He's me! It's more like masturbation, really.

Ten: . . . remember that sex we were planning on having . . . ever again?

Ten: Besides there are more important things to worry about right now. Giant ape, remember?

Nine: Right. Well then, we'll help. Best we can.
Baby Moondancer: Finally, someone remembered the plot that wasn't me!

Baby Moondancer: This is turning into "Days of Our Lives!"
Nine: Jack does that to people.
Baby Moondancer: Please, you two've been bickering like a married couple since scene one.
Ten: Let's go fuck shit up.

Baby Moondancer: Well. I'll let you do the fucking. I'll just kill.

Freddie: Right then! That's settled, let's go!
Jack: I'm driving!
Nine (OS): Shotgun!!
Freddie: ... sigh.

And so our heroes set off again.

Jack: This would work better if I could actually, you know, reach the wheel.


Nine: So, done anything interesting while I was away?
Jack: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
Nine: . . . you really get around, don't you?

Ten: Why am I in the back!? What's that smell?!
Shaggy: Do you know what they call a "Quarter Pounder with Cheese" in French?
Ten: Oh, God! Kill me!! Please!!

This is in no way foreshadowing everyone who is going to die in this episode.

Baby Moondancer: This whole human thing is overrated.
Freddie: I know what it's like to be dead. I know what it is to feel sad.
Baby Moondancer: . . . you're lyrics quoting, again.
Velma: Just be glad it's not Evanescence, this time.

Oooh, a long shot.

King Kong: I'm king of the world!
Baby Moondancer: Hopefully that means you also drown in Act Three.
Velma: Isn't that Jack's role?

Oh snaps, the ape has landed! This is an artistically blurry shot, I swear.

King Kong: Would you like fries with that?!

Baby Moondancer leaps out of the car, to attack.

Baby Moondancer: I'll wink your shit up, Mr. Ape! You should've seen me against the T. Rex!

She decides to face off the ape all on her lonesome.

Baby Moondancer: By the Power of Greyskull!
Baby Moondancer: No? Um.
Baby Moondancer: Grant me the power to revolutionize the world!
Baby Moondancer: Still nothing? Damn.
Baby Moondancer: Kamehame Ha!!!
Baby Moondancer: No? Shitshitshitshit.

Baby Moondancer: FIRE ZE MISSILES!

Shaggy: But I am le tired! Like, zoinks!

Baby Moondancer: Okay, well, have a nap--then fire ze missiles!
Shaggy: Gogogo, Jack! Floor it! They're all dead, and like, soon we will be too!

Jack: No! That's not true! That's impossible!

Jack: My name is Jack Harkness. You killed my boyfriend. Prepare to die.

Nine: Quick, he needs backup!
Ten: This is where I die, right?

King Kong: To die would be the greatest adventure!

Close up of extreme AWESOME.

King Kong: But, seriously. Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?

Jack: I am become death, destroyer of worlds!
Ten: When did he get so eloquent?

Jack: This is the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny!

King Kong: Ape beats human!
Jack: Get your stinkin' paws off me, you damned dirty ape!

Nine and Ten look on in, um, horror.

Ten: Should we jump in and rescue him?
Nine: Um. I'll jump, you rescue?

Ten: Or we could run.
Nine: I like running, me.
Ten: When I say run, run!

Just as our heroes are thinking of fleeing, something happens!

Power Rangers: *materalize*
SFX Budget: *shoots it's wad*

White Ranger: All right, guys! Let's do our thing!

White Ranger: It's just a thriller! Thriller night~!

Nine: Holy fuck?
Ten: Well. At least it's not Superman?

Jack: Little help here, guys?
Baby Moondancer: Shhh, be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting ape.

White Ranger: Hi-yah!!!
Black Ranger: Kyaa!!!

Pink Ranger: Raaah!!

Red Ranger: Take that you stupid ape!
Blue Ranger: Hehehehe!!

Red Ranger: What the fuck are you doing to my butt, Billy?!
Blue Ranger: You've got such a nice ass, Rocky.

Baby Moondancer: Well. Apparently I can't wink him out of existance. My powers don't work anymore.
Black Ranger: Well I'm glad you're here to tell us these things!

Baby Moondancer: But I can still poke him in the ass with my horn!

Baby Moondancer: Score!
King Kong: *kills several Power Rangers when he falls over*

Just when the carnage seems to be too high, and all hope is lost, who should appear but CATROG?!

Black Ranger: OH MY GOD! We're saved!
Jack: You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

Catrog: Yes? You called?

Baby Moondancer: Little help here, please?
Catrog: Ah, very well.

And, with a blink of his eyes, the Catrog vanishes King Kong away!

Black Ranger: *faints*
Baby Moondancer: Sweet!
Red Ranger: Dude!
Baby Moondancer: Sweet!
Red Ranger: Dude!

Catrog: Who is the one who summoned me?

Ten: Um. I guess that'd be me, sir. Seeing as I still have the Ring of Power. Somewhere.
Catrog: Bitch. Don't misuse the powers. Can I go now?

Ten: There was a lot of death and carnage and stuff. Could you um, fix that?
Catrog: I'll do what I can.

Ten: ... wow, thanks.
Catrog: The dead cannot be brought back, but those who were injured are restored.

Ten: Hot piss, it worked!
Jack: I feel much better.
Pink Ranger: *dead*
Yellow Ranger: *dead*
Freddie: *dead*
Daphne: *dead*

Ten: Damn, I really am the Lonely God.

Ten: You should all worship me! My name is Ten, king of kings! Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!

Nine: That cat doesn't belong to you!
Ten: You're just jealous.
Nine: Hey, Catrog was mine in the Miniventure.

While Nine and Ten argue semantics, Jack realizes who hasn't been brought back to life.


Jack: Good night, sweet prince! And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

Jack: Why does everything I love have to leave me!?

Nine: Hey, I came back!
Ten: And me too.

Jack: I am alone. I am UttErly AlOnE!

Ten: So, basically, what you're saying is: nothing is tying you to this shithole anymore?

Nine: Hey, that's true. You're gonna come with us.

Jack: . . . that is rather convenient, isn't it?

Ten: And when he says "come" . . .
Jack: Yeah, yeah, I figured. You randy sods.

Jack: Well, I guess my mind is made up for me. It's almost like this whole Adventure conspired to bring me to you.
Nine: *did not accidentally fall over and not get noticed by the cameraman*

Nine: Well then, we're off! Sorry about your dead.
Baby Moondancer: I'm starting to sense a pattern here.
Black Ranger: It's okay, we're used to getting new cast every few months.
Shaggy: Like, take care, dudes! See you soon!

Nine: ... we are so never returning here. Ever.

Black Ranger: Yeah, we don't really want you to return.
Baby Moondancer: I guess this means we have to walk back?

And so our heroes, now joined by Jack, begin the long trek back to the kitchen motorway.

Jack: That cat is following us.
Nine: I've been through a desert on a horse with no name.
Ten: I dig the escourt.
Baby Moondancer: Why did I ever think this would be a good idea? Humans suck.
Jack: Trust me, sometimes sucking is a good thing.

Back at the motorway, Nine realizes something.

Nine: Holy shit, do you know what I just realized?
Ten: What?

Nine: Neither of us died this episode.
Ten: . . . hey, you're right!

Jack: You know, I'm human too. And loads more talented entertaining than the ones we just left.

Baby Moondancer: I'm really honestly not sure if I should be extremely creeped out, or flattered.
Jack: I get that a lot, actually.

Nine and Ten notice the flirting.

Nine: Don't you think you'll have your hands full with both of me?
Jack: You under estimate my powers.

Jack: Seriously, there's enough of me to go around. Fear not.
Baby Moondancer: I dunno, your arms or like rookers are rather grahzny. I'm not sure I want you to touch me.

Ten: Well, I can say I've had enough of 1976.
Baby Moondancer: You and me both. Next time, I want somewhere quiet.


Nine: Hey, it's good to have you back, Jack.

Jack: It's good to be back, Doc.

And so Nine gets everyone on board his TARDIS

Looks around

And slips inside.

They demateralize.

TARDIS: *vworp . . . VWORP!*

TARDIS: *VWORP . . . vworp!*

Leaving California. Until the next time.



Jack: Wow. You guys've . . . remodeled.
Ten: That was my idea.

Baby Moondancer: What was it before? Corkboard?
Jack: Organic, actually. The Doctor was really into it.

Baby Moondancer: Why does he keep calling you 'Doctor'?
Nine: Um. That's my name?
Jack: Guess he's going by Nine now to differentiate from the other him?

Ten: That's a correct assumption.

Jack: So. "Ten", huh? Is that in inches?
Ten: . . . care to find out? ;);)

Nine: Only if I can play too.
Jack: I'd have it no other way.

Jack: Jack . . . is back and ready to rock the sack.
Nine: I notice your hands are perfectly formed to the task.
Ten: Very . . . handy.

Jack: Care to join us, Baby Moondancer?
Baby Moondancer: You know, I think I'll sit this one out. I'd rather be gouging my eyes out with rusty sporks.

Jack: Fair enough. But I'll bring you around on that, eventually.
Baby Moondancer: If you value your cock, you'll back away from my horn.

And so our heroes depart, leaving Baby Moondancer alone in the console room...

Baby Moondancer: I wonder if I could figure out how to jettison their room.

Baby Moondancer: Or at least set the cooridinates to somewhere . . . less populated.

*SFXs shoots wad all over again!!*

Baby Moondancer: Uh-oh.
TARDIS: *vworp! vworp!*


(Thanks for being so patient!)
Tags: 9/10, adventure four, catrog, jack, kitchen, nine/ten
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