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The Adventures of Nine and Ten, part two!

This is a recreation of the original second story, reposted here for posterty, etc. :) The link will take you to the original post. :)

Hello and welcome to this week's* edition of The Adventures of Nine and Ten! About a week ago I got some Star Trek action figures off eBay (for about $5! w00t!). I had the intent that I would photograph them into a story, and kept putting it off. But, finally, I've gotten around to it. So, you get some Star Trek fun, along with Star Wars AND Doctor Who, not to mention all the goofy crossover lines I throw in. Bwahahaha.

Anyway, shouldn't be any spoilers outside of the fact that Nine and Ten um, travel in time and space in a TARDIS shaped like an old police box. Oh, it's also important to know that Darth Vader = EBIL.

And, incase you missed it, the first [Adventures of Nine and Ten].

Without further ado!

( The Adventures of Nine and Ten, part two! )
Tags: 9/10, adventure two, deux ex machina, nine/geordi/beverly/deanna, star trek: tng, star wars
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